Humble Beginnings

The company started as Office Remote Control in 2007 out of the home office of our CEO. Our first client was a realty company, OneRealty of West Allis, Wisconsin, for whom we processed short sale files.  Our second client was Jejuan Plair Athletics in McAllen, Texas (now Star Plairs in the Houston, TX Area https://www.starplairs.com). We assisted in marketing for their summer camps which are still popular to this day. 


In 2009 we expanded in to several new markets including collections, credit repair, and proofreaders for an author.  We were proud to serve as the assistance team for Rev. Vicki Gladding as she prepared for semi-annual mission trips to Africa and was the key leader in a new church start in Mississippi.  We welcomed internationally-recognized singer, coach and motivational artist, Liz Howard Yates (http://www.soulfood-seminars.com/de/home/)


To date we have provided services for over 2,327 clients, many of whom are still with us.  We continue to diversify into multiple industries and in 2015 the company went from an LLC to an C-Corp, rebranding our logo and receiving our Federal Copyright.  We restructured the board of advisors to a Board of Directors.  We continue to work with real estate investors, lawyers, credit repair, collections, realtors, clergy, churches, schools, authors, teachers, professional athletes, and artists.  

In 2007 we made the commitment to only provide American workers and to this day we have remained an exclusive provider of American-based independent contractors. We are committed to seeing American companies and entrepreneurs thrive and are setting the standards of American virtual executive administrative assistance.